Willamette Ministry Team 

Van Clements
Lead Pastor

I grew up with three older brothers and a baby brother that changed our family. I learned to trust God at a young age because he answered my prayers and healed my baby brother.

I am absolutely fascinated by the local church. It's ups and downs. It's ins and outs. The highs and lows. I love the privilege of working everyday so that the local church is stronger.


Brenda Randall
Connections Pastor

I grew up in a wonderful Christian family and said yes to Jesus when I was six years old. When I moved to Eugene to go to college I learned what it meant to be a disciple all on my own. I've never looked back! Besides being a passionate follower of Jesus I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my husband, our grown children, and extended family. I love connecting with my neighborhood, spending time gardening, and taking day hikes as often as possible.

Ranee Werder
Business Administrator & JC Campus Director

I was born and raised right here in Eugene. On Easter Sunday morning in 1984, I woke up with a hangover and went to church on a dare! I met Jesus that morning, and never looked back. I married for the first time at the age of 41. Six months after we married we were privileged to welcome into our home my nephew, Cameron, at the age of 12. We've been a family ever since! Willamette has been my church home since 1984 and I've worked here since 2007.


Cliff Emery
Care Pastor

I was born and raised in Oregon and practically born and raised in the church. I don't remember a specific date of conversion and have never believed in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. I knew Jesus was the real deal.

When not in church I love the outdoors and especially golf courses. When putting on the green, I have been called a "holy roller."


Andrea Leik
Children's Ministries Director
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First Impressions Director
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Katrina Thompson
Vocal Director

Oscar Watson
Music Director

For more information on other ministries and opportunities at Willamette, please contact Pastor Brenda Randall, Connections Pastor. 

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Paul Bransom
Campus Logistics Director
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Alana Moyer
Middle School Ministries Director 
& Royal Family Kids Camp Director
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Bette Morrison

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Scott Moyer
Technical Director