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We just completed the first four chapters of the book of Hebrews in a series called GREATER!


We now embark on the 2nd part of our Hebrews study (Chapters 5-10) called The Ultimate UPGRADE!

How many times have you had the experience where a meal, or an event, or a conversation went better than expected? Maybe you had low expectations, or were nervous for the outcome, or just were plainly blown away about how much fun you had or what a great experience it was. Those are GREAT moments… when we are surprised by something being better than expected.

This journey through Hebrews that has already been wonderful and surprising to us. We are not totally sure of its author, but we know to whom he was writing and what he wanted them to realize. The book (some call it an epistle or letter, but it reads more like a teaching), was penned some 30+ years after Jesus death, resurrection and ascension to heaven. The early followers of Jesus (many of whom are converted Jews) have begun to drift. They need some insight in order to be reminded that the goal of their faith is better than expected.

Hebrews presents Jesus as GREATER. Greater than angels, Moses, Torah, the Promised Land, High Priests, Sacrifices and more. In all things He is superior, preeminent, most excellent… GREATER. He came and brought the NEW. He is the ULTIMATE UPGRADE.

This study will challenge us to remain faithful to Jesus and follow great models of faith from the Old Testament despite hardship and persecution. The author calls us to see how Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God’s love and mercy and is worthy of our devotion.

Let’s dive in together.

Pastor Van


Extra Resources for can check out! 

Scripture Journals: You can pick up your own copy of the Hebrews Scripture Journal at the connect center ($5) and use it for notes on Sunday, or your own personal devotions. 

Overview of Hebrews: Check out this overview of the Book of Hebrews by the Bible Project.

Hebrews Overview Poster: You can download the poster from the Bible Project Overview video.